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Online casino talk

To a new-comer phrases and expressions used in gambling might be confusing - we have taken the lingustic approach to help bridge this gap and set up a list of common terms used in different areas of playing.

Take a closer look at the basic terms widly used at online casinos. We hope it will help you to make a good start to know more about gambling jargon and you will feel more confortable when playing casino games.


Online Casino talk

Action: The amount of money put into action (wagered) by a player during an entire playing session.

Hot: A slot machine that is paying out, or a player who is on a winning streak.

Press a bet: Adding the winnings over the current bet, to 'let it ride'.

House: A casino or gambling center or center. Also the operators of a gambling game.

Nickel: A $500 wager.

Progressive: A game featured by an open-ended jackpot, and where the jackpot grows in value with each round of play until it is hit.

Outside bets: Roulette bets located on the external part of the layout. The bets involve betting 12 or 18 numbers with a single chip.

Payline: The line on a slot machine window where the symbols from each reel lines up.


BlackJack Terms

Soft hand: Any hand that contains an ace counted as eleven is called a soft hand.

Up card: The face up card of the dealer's initial hand in BlackJack.

Hard hand: Any hand that does not contain an Ace valued at 11.

Hit: To take another card. The card received is also called a hit.

Paint: A Jack, Queen or King, also called face card or picture card.

Push: A tie hand between a dealer and a player; a round of play where neither the player nor the casino wins.

Hole card: The facedown card that the dealer gets.

Natural: A natural is a two-card hand of twenty-one points. In baccarat a natural is a two-card total of eight or nine.


Craps Terminology

Boxcars: The combination of 6-6 on the dice.

Bones: Dice

Point: The number that is established on the come-out roll.

Snake eyes: To roll a two in craps is called 'snake eyes'.

Shooter: The player who is rolling the dice on a craps table.


Slots phrases

Buy-your-Pay: Each coin triggers the posted symbol payout. If you play a single coin, you trigger 'cherry' pays. Two coins trigger 'cherries' and 'bars'.

Progressive Slots: These offer growing jackpots depending upon the amount played through the bank or carousel slots. Progressive slots require a larger bankroll. Here, the progressives are at least 3 coin max slots with primary and secondary jackpot levels. The values are reset to minimums when either jackpot wins. Max play is mandatory for progressive slots.

Sound of Rain: Coins falling into the holder after a payout.

Multiplier Slots: Pays for a few symbols on a graduating scale.


Roulette expressions

Block Betting: Set of numbers on a certain section of the roulette wheel; these are bet together as a group in certain strategies.

Corner Bet: A bet on four-numbers (Pays 8 to 1).

Double Zero: A bet on the 00 (green) number of the wheel (Pays 35 to 1).

Inside Bet: Any bet made on the numbers that are directly placed inside the layout. Odds on winning an inside bet range from 5 to 1, up to 35 to 1.

Straight Bet: A bet on a single number (Pays 35 to 1).


Video Poker words

Ace-High: A hand comprising an ace without a pair or better.

Aces Full: This is a full house of 3 aces and any pair.

Bankroll: The amount of money available to a player to bet. Avoid playing with a bigger bankroll than you can lose!

Hand: The 5 cards you have.

Odds: Probability of winning against the probability of not making a win.


Baccarat jargon

Baccarat: The worst hand one can have – a total of zero.

Banker or Player Bet: Betting on the player or the dealer

Face Cards: Queen, King or Jack of any suit.

House Edge: The advantage the casino has over the player.

None of these terms and phrases are used differently in gambling related context - so leran some of the most useful terminologies in gambling...


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